Conservative Coming Out Day

More Activism Ideas

This event for general conservative groups is an excellent play off Gay/Lesbian coming out of the closet events and will probably be met with serious opposition or even protest.  However, this is designed draw attention to the bias against conservatism on college campuses.  It also serves as a great tool for member recruitment and conservative identification and can be held at any time of the year.

For this event, set up a “conservative safe zone,” where conservatives can gather and converse, including recruitment tables with general information on what conservatism is. Some groups have set up microphones so conservatives can give testimonials about the difficulty of being conservative on campus.

NOTE:  Be careful when allowing someone to take the microphone; this could backfire if what they say is inappropriate.  It might be advisable to only give the microphone to trusted group members, or at the very least to find out in advance what each of your speakers intends to say at your event.


1. Collect the materials needed for the event.  You will need to purchase yellow caution tape to make the “conservative safe zone,” acquire a microphone, speakers, and any other relevant sound equipment, a table and any flyers and pamphlets you wish to hand out.

2. Reserve space on campus for the event. Contact the Student Activities Office and attempt to reserve the most high-traffic area available.

3. Invite allied organizations.  Ask other organizations on campus or in the outside community you think would be interested in celebrating conservatism to contribute to the purchase of supplies or set up a booth by your informational table.  This is a great way to strengthen cooperation between different groups in the conservative movement, and to increase attendance and volunteers in the form of members of the other groups.

4. Advertise!  Success depends on how well you publicize your event, so you should advertise early and often.  This doesn’t necessarily mean paid advertising; “earned media” may work even better for you.  Click here to learn several important publicity measures to use before, during, and after the event.

5. Prepare for opposition. Keep a video camera available at all times, and record any aggression – both verbal and physical.  If some behaves belligerently, ask why he or she objects to your exercise of your right to free speech. For more information on how to deal with opposition on campus, reference "Fight Back."

6. Create a schedule.  Organize which people will be at the event at what time. Make sure you have at least one person who can talk to the media there or available to be immediately contacted at all times; you never know when members of the media will appear.

7. Celebrate conservatism!  Make sure your group members remain enthusiastic, positive, and welcoming throughout the event.  As noted above, be very careful of who is allowed to use the microphone.

8. Advertise! (again)  The fact that your event is over does not mean that your public relations work is done.  Earned media can be extremely useful to you.  Click here to learn several important follow-up publicity measures to do after the event is finished.