Diaper Drive

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There are over 1 million abortions performed each year in the United States.  In contrast, adoptions number less than 200,000 annually.  Something is wrong with this picture.

November is National Adoption Month.  Take the occasion to compare the benefits of adoption with the harmful effects of abortion.  Inform fellow students as to why adoption is a great alternative for birthmothers, children, and adoptive families alike.

A great way to promote adoption and spread the pro-life message on campus is by conducting a baby diaper drive.  Your group can send a positive message by collecting diapers throughout the month of November and donating them to your local Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC).  It's also a great way to build good will on campus and gain sympathy for your cause.

CPC's are the pro-life alternative to abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood.  Through counseling services, parenting resources, and adoption referrals, pregnancy centers provide pregnant mothers with choices beyond abortion.  Because most are primarily funded through private donations, pro-life groups on campus can serve as a major resource for their local CPC.  Collecting diapers and other baby goods is one of the best ways to help your local pregnancy center and encourage pregnant mothers to choose life.

How to Take Action:

1.       Partner with your local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  You can find your local CPC by using the "Find a Pregnancy Center" tool at www.optionline.org.  Once you have their contact information, contact your local CPC and ask them to partner with your organization for a baby diaper drive.  Ask what kinds of supplies are needed - diapers, baby formula, food, etc.

2.       Reserve space on campus.  Ask university administrators to set up a location (or several locations) on campus where students and faculty can drop off diapers and other baby goods.  Also reach out to Greek organizations and ask them to provide a drop off box for goods at their fraternity/sorority house.  You may even consider asking local churches to provide a drop-off box and announce your efforts in their Sunday bulletins.  Make sure to market your diaper drive as a charity event for needy families and not an activism project.

3.       Invite allied organizations.  Ask other pro-life, religious, and charitable organizations on campus to partner with you.  Have them sponsor a drop-off location and encourage their contacts to contribute.  You will have more success getting co-sponsors if the event is considered a charitable program and not simply a pro-life project.

4.       Hold a planning meeting. Make a schedule of volunteers to regularly check drop-off locations for donated goods.  Also, assemble a team to handle all advertising and media inquiries.

5.       Advertise.  Your baby diaper drive will only be successful if you advertise on campus and throughout the community.  Create and post fliers across campus explaining the purpose of your events and providing a list of drop-off locations.  Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word as well as campus-wide emails (if possible).  Ask co-sponsoring organizations and churches to tell their members about the event.  Make sure that your deadline - possibly the end of November - is also advertised.

6.       Collect resources for your local CPC!  Place collection boxes at each drop-off location at the beginning of November.  Make sure that your drop-off location stands out by placing an attention-grabbing sign nearby.  Have volunteers regularly (at least weekly) check the collection locations for goods and take them to a common location.  At the end of the month, deliver the diapers and other goods to your local pregnancy center.

7.       Advertise again.  Following your donation to a local CPC, submit a press release and high-quality picture to local media outlets.  A charitable event like the baby diaper drive is guaranteed to grab positive attention in the media and garner community support for your group.