Bring the Right Books to Your Campus Library

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You don't have to wait until the next Banned Books Week to promote free expression in your campus library.  Even a single student requesting and checking out the right books can slowly but surely change the composition of a college library collection.

How can you impact your school's library catalogue?  Go to your campus library and request a conservative or libertarian book.  If it's not there, a book request form will probably be available at the library website and/or front desk, and the library staff should order whatever you request. Moreover, new purchases are often displayed prominently at the front of the library for several weeks, drawing them to the attention of passing students.

Does your campus have these titles?

For a list of 26 great book suggestions which would make good additions to your personal library as well, click here.

Also be sure to check out other books by conservative and libertarian authors.  Libraries have limited space and will regularly purge books which are not checked out frequently.  Make sure you keep these great resources available to other students!