Empty Holster Protest

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Laws and university regulations prohibiting concealed carry on campus merely disarm responsible, law-abiding citizens who possess concealed carry permits.  

Supporters of anti gun laws and regulations have come up with a variety of weak arguments against decriminalizing concealed carry on campus. They usually claim that all types of violent doomsday scenarios would occur.  This is despite the fact that no such incidents have happened on campuses where concealed carry is currently allowed.

Our country has a rich gun culture, and our Founding Fathers had a distinct understanding of the importance of self defense.  This is why they made sure to include the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution.

Your student group can promote the right to self-defense and concealed carry on campus by organizing an Empty Holster Protest. Participants in the protest wear empty holsters that are clearly visible and clearly empty to protest the laws and regulations that strip citizens of their Constitutional rights, and them citizens defenseless in the event a threat arises.

How to Take Action:

1.    Collect the materials. The main items you will need for this activism event are holsters, one for each participant. You may also need to make protest signs, fliers, and/or sandwich boards that explain and draw attention to your protest.  You can also print out the fact sheet below on concealed carry on campus.

2.    Reserve space on campus. Make sure you reserve a space in a high-traffic area on campus, where students can clearly see your activism.  Some schools have designated areas for these types of events.

3.    Invite allied organizations. Ask other conservative and libertarian groups on campus to participate in the event. They can provide valuable financial support by helping to purchase supplies or volunteering to hold signs, pass out fact sheets, or wear sandwich boards at the event itself.

4.    Hold a planning meeting. Make sure that everyone understands that there should be absolutely nothing in the holsters. Go over talking points and make a schedule of volunteers (Who will post fliers on campus, hand out information at the table, assist with clean-up, etc). Designate one or two students to answer any media inquiries.

5.    Advertise. Use the fliers attached below to promote your event and encourage students to stop by and take part in the fun. Post them around campus and send out a university-wide email explaining the event in further detail. Also make sure to use Facebook, Twitter, and other online tools to publicize your event. Send a press release to campus and local media. Contact Campus Reform for help writing and sending your press release.  Remind everyone the night before to wear the empty holsters the next day.

6.    Prepare for opposition. Have a video camera/flip camera available to record any aggression from university administrators or opponents. Ask angry "gun control" activists on camera why they are opposed to self-defense. Ask administrators why they don't uphold the 1st Amendment. Have your talking points memorized.

7.    Sport Your Empty Holsters and Protest! The more participants wearing empty holsters the more effective the protest. It is also very effective to compliment the empty holsters with protest signs, fliers, t-shirts, and sandwich boards that explain and draw attention to your protest. Have a box of empty holsters available for anyone who wants to join your protest and needs a holster.

8.    Advertise againBlog about how the protest went on CampusReform.org (include the pictures and video)! Submit a press release and high-quality picture to local media outlets detailing your event.