Union Hot Dog Stand

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Unions are running rampant in the United States of America.  From unruly austerity protests in Wisconsin, to James O'Keefe's expose' of the unprofessional nature at a teacher's union conference in New Jersey, the situation is swiftly reaching critical mass. 

Many Americans believe that Unions exit to help the working man; however, they lack knowledge of the inefficient methods Union members use while on the clock.  Instead of helping the working man, the restrictions and regulations they place on companies are resulting in businesses closing or shipping their jobs in the labor sector overseas.  As many Americans are feeling the worst aspects of the financial crisis, unions only exacerbate the strain on the free enterprise policies needed to climb out of this economic chasm.

What forced unionization policies do is strip the right away from the individual worker to bargain for their own contract.  This allows union representatives to bargain for a worker's wage, and utilize this as leverage in negotiations.  One would think it's a fundamental American right to be able to have the option to negotiate for your own income.  Unfortunately we live in a society where the individual's rights have been sublimated in exchange to appropriating them to the union hierarchy which dominates the workplace.

Beyond the morally reprehensible notion that unions have the right to negotiate for someone against their will, often times union heads further abuse their power by bargaining for ridiculous contracts that result in strikes.  These flagrant acts of disrespect harm the worker to the benefit of consolidating the power base of the upper echelon of the union.

Organizations like National Right to Work are on the front lines fighting the battle against legalized union coercion.  Unfortunately unions are rapidly organizing on colleges across America by subsidizing student based labor alliances.  As a conservative activist, it is imperative that you engage in the information war and win the hearts and minds of your fellow students.

Do not let union thugs and their on campus cronies convince your peers that they are the only thing standing between the common worker and the second coming of the gilded age.  It's fairly easy to depict the unfair and economically misguided policies that unions in America enforce.

Bring these policies to light around Labor Day (September 5th), and hold a "Unionized Hot Dog Stand" to expose the problem that forced unionization poses to a successful business model.  Instead of a conventional hot dog stand, use basic union practices to highlight the inefficiency in their system and how these policies are roadblocks to prosperity.

How to Take Action:

1.      Reserve space on campus.  Reserve an outdoor space for your hot dog stand in a high-traffic area.  If you're doing this event around the time of freshman move-in, set up your table near the biggest dormitories.

2.      Invite allied organizationsAsk other conservative and libertarian groups on campus to volunteer for your event and contribute to the purchasing of supplies.  Working together with other organizations is a great way to build cooperation and advance your club's goals.

3.      Hold a planning meeting.  Make a schedule of volunteers to work the hot dog stand.  Determine which person will fill each role: cooking hot dogs, placing them in buns, adding condiments, passing out fact sheets, etc.  Go over talking points so that volunteers are prepared to counter arguments from liberal faculty and union members.  Also, designate a team leader (a "Union Boss") and one or two students to handle media inquiries.  If your event is held after the semester has begun, delegate responsibility for advertising with fliers and social media.

4.      Advertise.  Regardless of when your event is held, you should send a press release to local and campus media informing them of your event.  If you hold your hot dog stand after the beginning of the semester (around Labor Day), you can advertise on campus to increase turnout.  Use Facebook, Twitter, mass e-mails, and fliers to inform students about your event.

5.      Collect the materialsSince most of what you'll need for this event is food, it's best to collect materials the day before.  You should purchase plates, napkins, hot dogs, buns, ketchup and mustard at your local grocery or bulk foods store (Buying bulk will help you save on the cost).  You will also need a table, enough chairs for each volunteer, and a small portable grill to cook the hot dogs on.  Finally, you should download a fact sheet from National Right to Work here.

6.      Prepare for opposition.  Have a video camera ready to record aggression from left-wing professors, ill-informed students and union thugs.  If someone accosts your group, ask them why they are opposed to your right to free speech.

7.      Run a unionized hot dog stand!  In order to make your point that unions destroy businesses and jobs, each volunteer should stick to one duty at the hot dog stand (just as they do in unionized workplaces).  Have one volunteer cook hot dogs, while others place them in a bun, add condiments, and plate them.  Another volunteer should hand out the fact sheets to anyone who stops by.  Each volunteer should make it clear that they are unable to do anyone else's job.  Every 3 - 4 minutes or so, your "Union Boss" (team leader) should instruct everyone to take a 1-minute "union break".  Guests will have to wait until the break is over in order to get free hot dogs again.  The process of getting a hot dog from the grill to the plate should be noticeably inefficient and time-consuming - feel free to add a little theatrics to make the situation even more inefficient and comical.

8.      Advertise again.  Following your event, send a press release and high-quality pictures to local media.  If your campus is situated in a blue-collar area, your story is sure to gain attention.

 Watch this actvism idea in action.